Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Skeptical African

         On  the social network Twitter i recently started following a comedic twitter account named "Skeptical African". This account post sarcastic tweets about questions a "Skeptical" african child would ask a  humanitarian. In the avi twitter picture it appears that a humanitarian is on one knee trying to persuade the african to take some water im assuming.  Here is some examples his tweets "So your telling me.....Most Americans Die because they're to fat?" or "So your telling me....This guy Magic Johnson is still alive?" These are typical post the "Skeptical African Child" would post on a daily basis. My honest opinion about this is it portrays a negative image on all people with African roots. My reasoning for that statement is most of this accounts followers are caucasian people, and those folks retweet these things as jokes. Dont get me wrong, these post are funny but at the same they are degrading and a slap in the face to real homeless, hungry, orphan children around the world.

-Derrick Simon